Write a Case

To write a living Promise application you first MUST be appointed for this specific product even if you are already appointed under United of Omaha.  To become appointed please contact our office (800.203.2797).

Once appointed there are two ways to take a Living Promise application:


Option 1:

Click on our Lightning App and enter your iGO username and password.

At Joline Associates we offer you the easiest way to submit your cases, which is our Lightning App. Once inside the Lightning App you will need to choose Whole Life products, and from there you can complete the Living Promise App. Our Lightning App provides access to multiple carriers, so be sure to select the correct one. For first time use, call us to talk you through the process.



Option 2:

If the Lightning App is not your style there is always Paper Submission


-First, please contact our office (800.203.2797) for a paper app. This is not accessible through our company forms engine due to regulations and frequent application updates

-Once you have the app, complete the Proposed Insured and Owner (if applicable) sections

-Part One of the Underwriting section – if proposed insured answers “YES” to any questions in Part One, that person may not be eligible for any coverage under this application

-Part Two of the Underwriting section – if proposed insured answers “YES” to any questions in Part Two, that person is eligible only for the Graded Benefit Product

-If the proposed insured answers all underwriting questions “NO,” that person is eligible for the Level Benefit Product

-Plan Info – Select Plan, Accidental Death Benefit Rider (if applicable), Payment Mode and Amount

-Always obtain signed MIB and HIPAA authorizations

-Complete Conditional Receipt Form, if a check for the initial premium was collected at the time of application, otherwise do not complete this form

Have client sign state replacement forms (if applicable)

-Leave all required forms with the client

-Attach cover letter or additional information, as needed

NOTE: If your client answers yes to any of the questions but you would like to explain further or you have any additional information you want to provide regarding the application, it is best to include it in a cover letter and submit it with the application and forms.

-Now that the app is completed

You can fax – 732.542.3510


Mail – 766 Shrewsbury Avenue, Suite 203

Tinton Falls, NJ 07724