The Plan

LIVING PROMISE WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company (United of Omaha) can ease the financial burden associated with outstanding medical bills, debt or final expenses left behind.

And, your clients can obtain this liquidity in the quickest and easiest way possible.  There are NO exams, blood work or any other medical requirements.  After underwriting review of the completed application, MIB and the RX data base, the policy will be issued to those who qualify.  Quick, easy and great!



Death Benefit: 100%

Issue Ages: 45-85

Face Amounts: $2,000 – $40,000 (in WA, $25,000 – $40,000)

Underwriting Classes: Standard Tobacco/Non-Tobacco

Underwriting Requirements:  MIB, pharmaceutical check, random phone interview


Non-smoker/Non-Nicotine Qualifications                 

In order to qualify for non-nicotine rates, the proposed insured must not have used tobacco or nicotine products in any form (gum, patches, cigar, etc.) within one year prior to application submission.


Rate Chart

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United of Omaha

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, was founded in 1926 and offers a diversified portfolio of life insurance, fixed annuities and other insurance and financial services products. It is licensed nationwide except for New York.

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